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About Meditations

About Meditations on Tech

The name for Meditations on Tech is derived from the writings of the last of Rome’s five great emperors, Marcus Aurelius. As a practitioner of Stoicism, Aurelius is said to have been governed by wisdom and virtue, principles that separated him from most past (and present) world leaders. The diary Auelius left behind, known as Meditations, discusses how Stoicism was able to provide him with a framework for dealing with the obstacles that any leader with significant power and intellect is forced to face. In these instances it is important to be able to focus on the present and draw strength from others.

Meditations on Tech is a technical diary filled with interviews, conversations, and articles focused on highlighting individuals with amazing talent, thought leadership, and entrepreneurial mindsets. These dialogues are aimed at bringing about new types of discourse that feature those who spend more time grinding at their work than they do in the spotlight. They’re straight forward, unafraid of discussing the inside baseball behind their projects, and innovative.

About Elyssa

Elyssa is the Founder and Editor of Meditations on Tech. While her background is in public relations and advising mid-to-large sized organizations on their communications strategies, she is known to break out a text editor and start coding and developing websites herself.

Prior to starting her current role at a global PR firm, Elyssa has experience as a spokesperson and leading corporate affairs for multiple tech organizations, with a specialization in machine learning and fintech.

When Elyssa isn’t working or advancing the Meditations on Tech brand, she loves hiking, cycling, surfing, and exploring all around British Columbia’s West Coast with her loved ones and her golden doodle, Nero.

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