A Year Deep with Meditations on Tech

Elyssa Macfarlane
A Year Deep with Meditations on Tech

Well over a year ago I developed the idea for a tech site to showcase the kind of conversations that I wanted to bring to life when I had left a job to pursue and education in programming. I decided to make it my side project, and mapped out an outline for a year long plan- numbering the amount of meetings I wanted to set up and interviews I wanted to develop and publish from those relationships.

The great news is that I met those goals, which I had scoped to last throughout the year, within the first quarter and a half. I connected with way more people than I had anticipated, and out of the ones who I set up an interview with, only one didn’t follow through. In reflection, I can say that starting Meditations on Tech is one of the best passion projects that i could have conceptualized, and the time I invested paid off it a wide variety of ways. I was very particular with who I wanted to showcase on the project, and I feel like this was the right choice.

MoT gave me a great reason to connect with some of the people I wanted to meet in the field in a meaningful way, where they were often equally excited to discuss their work and story. But that’s the positive side of things.

On the other hand, after starting a new job, I ran into instances where my calendar got overrun. From there, I didn’t make the time to keep working on MoT, and simply focussed on other aspects of my life that, in reflection, probably made me less happy. While I might have achieved the goals I set out for the project, I didn’t push myself to make new ones to build upon what I had already created.. This was despite a variety of people, most of whom I had no idea were reading the site and engaging with the content, coming up to me and asking when I would be creating more content. GAAAAH.

So while I loved bringing Meditations on Tech to life, the focus of this next annual map is going to be a lot heavier and more challenging, as I quickly learned I need to be a bit harder on myself to build this project into what I want it to be.

What this means is that a) I’ll be spending a lot more time on my Github account working on this website’s UX (did you notice I already changed the background?), b) I’ll be working to find projects and people that align with the Meditations on Tech values and brand (see on the ABOUT page), and c) I’m going to be sharing my own thoughts and insights as opposed to relying on interviews alone (because guess what, I’m interesting).

So with that said, I hope that I can challenge you - or someone else - to learn something new about the tech world, or at least challenge one to think differently about a particular industry or concept. I didn’t start Meditiations on Tech to become any sort of influencer or thought leader. I did it to push back on common tech misconceptions and to showcase those who are killing it in their work, regardless of whether they are being profiled for it or now. So stay tuned.